It's Hard to Find a Custom Fiberglass Repair Shop

We've got you covered at Ragman's Autobody and Collision in Kimberly, ID

Fiberglass is a beautiful, durable material often used to make cars and other recreational vehicles. If you need fiberglass auto repair service, contact Ragman's Autobody and Collision, LLC. Our team in Kimberly, Idaho is trained to repair fiberglass correctly so you can get back on the road ASAP. We work with blown-in fiberglass, fiberglass sheets and matting.

Schedule your custom fiberglass repair today by calling 208-490-4387.

Hiring a professional is crucial

Hiring a professional is crucial

Custom fiberglass repair services are challenging. In fact, there are only 10 body shops in the state of Idaho that are certified in fiberglass auto repair services. Ragman's Autobody and Collision is one of them.

You should always consult a professional technician for your fiberglass auto repair because...

  • It requires specialized equipment.
  • It can be dangerous for your health.
  • It puts you at risk for chemical burns.

We can complete fiberglass repairs for any type of vehicle. Call us today to set up an appointment.